Ohio is releasing the first US advanced air mobility (AAM) framework, developed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, through DriveOhio, the state’s smart mobility hub.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said: “Ohio is a leader in the aviation industry, and AAM is an important industry for Ohio’s growth.”

AAM uses next-generation technologies to move people and cargo between places not usually served by surface transportation or existing aviation. Common technologies include electric propulsion, short and vertical takeoff/landing craft using advanced materials, and the ability to remotely or autonomously pilot aircraft.

Ohio intends to employ advanced air mobility for the safe, efficient, and equitable transportation of people and goods throughout the state. AAM increases modality options, improving transportation resiliency and efficiency.

It can also increase safety as newer aircraft are designed with redundancy in mind. Ohio’s advanced air mobility framework captures the existing advanced aviation ecosystem, Ohio specific activities, route planning considerations, recommendations for establishing vertiports, and provides a strategic map for Ohio to support this emerging industry.

InnovateOhio director Lt. Governor Jon Husted continued: “Across industries, Ohio is thriving in highly competitive global markets, notably in cutting-edge aerospace technologies.

“Not only does advanced air mobility have huge potential to improve the quality of life for Ohioans but supporting its growth can position us as a leader in an incredibly dynamic and innovative sector of the economy, helping us compete and win on the world stage.”

Three cases have the potential to drive transportation efficiency and support a robust new aerospace industry in Ohio:
1. Cargo / Freight Delivery: Transportation of heavy cargo, freight, small packages, and on-demand commerce from or between airports, distribution centers, manufacturers, and retailers to consumers. Industries such as logistics transportation and e-commerce can realize significant efficiencies by leveraging advanced aircraft.
2. Regional Air Mobility: Regularly scheduled or on-demand transportation between cities, more than 50–75 miles apart. Numerous studies found that going by air using advanced aviation for short intra-regional trips (from one city center to another nearby city center, or from city center to rural area) can save time.
3. Emergency Services: Advanced air mobility vehicles can facilitate an innovative medical services transportation system, including emergency medical evacuations, hospital-to-hospital patient and equipment transportation, organ delivery, and search-and-rescue operations.

The Ohio advanced air mobility framework is the latest success in a series of major policy and project wins the DriveOhio team has produced and is timed to support the National Advanced Air Mobility Forum being held on August 22-23, 2022 in Springfield, Ohio.

In April, Ohio hosted its second annual Air Mobility Symposium at Ohio State University. In June 2021, Ohio expected more than $13 billion in economic activity over the next 25 years if it took targetted steps to support the growth of an advanced autonomous aircraft sector.