No doubt buoyed by all the media attention towards eVTOLs at Farnborough, JOBY Founder and CEO, JoeBen Bevirt, returned to the U.S and promptly bought further shares in his company, reports

When a stock price is languishing in the doldrums like all other eVTOL companies, at present, for JOBY investors to know the top company people remain confident and “showing the faith” by purchasing additional shares, is always a positive feeling. Many stock market experts like VerityData’s, Ben Silverman, view insider buys as a “net positive for internal sentiment.” It is only when such insiders (company staff/major investors) consistently sell large tranches that alarm bells go off.

Bevirt purchased 35,000 shares of JOBY at an average price of USD5.53 or close to USD200,000 invested. The stock was purchased through the Joby Trust, of which Bevirt has “voting and dispositive power” of those held. After the transaction, Bevirt now owns 85,000 shares directly and 98.94 million shares indirectly through various trusts and his spouse, classifying him as a 10 percent stakeholder and the largest of the company.

JoeBen Bevirt Now Owns 99.02 million Joby Shares

Besides the CEO, only one other insider has bought stock this year. On May 27th, Director Paul Sciarra purchased 55,137 at an average price of USD5.67.

In the past year, insiders have sold 188.79 million JOBY shares and bought 313.87 million. In total, they have accounted for a positive net activity of 125.08 million purchased. Tracking institutional activity is also important, as these large shareholders provide liquidity and support for stocks. During the first quarter of 2022, 126 funds reported owning JOBY, an increase of 12 from the prior quarter.

Joby Aviation’s Top Five Shareholders

: JoeBen Bevirt: 99.02 million shares

: Toyota: 78.75 million shares (Toyota’s position is accurate as of the third quarter of 2021)

: Paul Sciarra: 60.25 million shares

: Intel: 46.04 million shares

: TIF Partners: 38.88 million shares (TIF’s position is accurate as of Q3 of 2021)

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