German-based eVTOL company, Volocopter, shared a new 3.15’ video late last week highlighting the company efforts to turn its Volocity flying taxi in to a commercial reality, reports a press release.

Volocopter is at the forefront of the new electric aviation revolution that will take the world by storm. The European company is also a front-runner for demonstrations and even commercial flights at the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. While it is making strides in Asia and aims to have a strong presence at the Japanese Osaka EXPO in 2025.

This year saw a staff shakeup when company CEO, Florian Reuter, stepped down in March, to be replaced by ex-Airbus Head of Defence and Space, Dirk Hoke.

Watch Video:

The theme of the video is TRUST as company spokespeople emphasis the word. For example, “You have to trust the process. You have to trust your expertise. You have to trust your people. Trust doesn’t form in an instance. Trust forms over time…”

Volocopter emphasises at the end the importance of the Paris Olympic Games. “Our ultimate goal? We want to be flying our VoloCity urban air taxi for real in time for the 2024 Paris Olympics. And we hope you’ll be there too, cheering us on from the sidelines – or perhaps even from inside one of our VoloCity aircraft!”