The Vertical Aerospace (VA) full-size VX4 not only wowed the Farnborough crowd as well as impressing the media, but it’s appearance has helped push the company’s share price up by over 20 percent in recent weeks.

On Monday, Fox Business News carried out “an exclusive” 4 minute interview with VA’s CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick. The show’s anchor, Liz Claman, described by Vanity Fair as “…one of television’s top business reporters and anchors,” is a legend within the business media. After working for CNBC, she joined Fox in 2007 and today has her own slot, The Claman Countdown. She has conducted interviews with all the entrepreneurial greats from Bill Gates and Richard Branson to Steve Forbes and Warren Buffet.

Vertical Aerospace VX4 on Display at Farnborough

Claman oozed enthusiasm during her interview with Fitzpatrick. The VA CEO stated the VX4 Aircraft trials begin in late Summer and while the previous two were unmanned, this third one will have an actual pilot on-board. “The trial is a big step forward in turning the VX4 into a commercial reality,” says the CEO. “I should say so”, replies an impressed Claman.

Fitzpatrick comments that, in his view, most eVTOLs will be piloted for the first 10 years of commercial operations. “Electrification of air travel will be transformational,” continues the CEO and then nonchalantly mentions the VX4 will fly up to 200 mph with a range of 100 miles, where a runway won’t be needed.

“You have some pretty impressive partners,” continues an effervescent Claman, offering a gold-plated list from Honeywell and Virgin to Rolls-Royce and Molicel, not forgetting, of course, the major VX4 purchaser, American Airlines.

The interview is well worth a watch.

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