ASQS, an Austrian safety and quality management software company, announced this week a collaboration with German eVTOL aircraft developer Volocopter, reports This enables the company to design and produce aircraft to certification standards in-house.

The software, known as IQSMS, has been developed by aviation industry experts and experienced IT professionals. ASQS is to support Volocopter with its regulatory requirements. Apart from its HQ in Vienna, the company has offices in Bangkok, Thailand, Calgary and Canada.

The article states, “Key features of its modular software include intuitive hazard and event reporting, internal and external auditing, and proactive and systematic risk management, which together enable comprehensive monitoring of all compliance and safety-related aspects of the business.”

Volocopter has implemented the IQSMS system in all aspects of its work, from engineering and manufacturing to operations and maintenance, and will further provide the software to all future franchisees, as part of Volocopter’s IT infrastructure standard package.

Florian Lis-Srajer

Florian Lis-Srajer, ASQS project manager, who oversaw the implementation of the software system along with fellow manager Ruben Inion, commented, “We are delighted to provide Volocopter with our product to support their safety, risk, and compliance management processes. Urban Air Mobility is an exciting new part of the industry and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation.”

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