BETA has launched a mobile app to support its electric charging infrastructure across the US with 10 sites online used to charge its ALIA eVTOL aircraft during a cross-country trip from New York to Arkansas and back, with another over 50 sites under construction or awaiting permits.

The road distance of 1235 miles compares with 1079 flight miles, and the company created its chargers with a multimodal design to increase accessibility. Each charging station in the network is multimodal and supports today’s ground electric vehicles as well as tomorrow’s electric aircraft, as well as being interoperable to support electric aircraft other than BETA’s.

In line with BETA’s overall cargo-first approach, the app is designed for both individual consumers as well as enterprises, and includes functions like maps to locate charging stations, payment processing, and resource management.

Last month, Bristow Group ordered five ALIA-250 aircraft – with the option to purchase an additional 50 – with a maximum range of 250 nautical miles that can carry 1,400 lbs of payload, or six people including a pilot.

In April, aviation company LCI signed an agreement to acquire up to 125 ALIA eVTOL aircraft to complement its existing fleet of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, almost doubling the number of aircraft on its aviation platform to over 270 units.