Doroni Aerospace tweeted yesterday: “Doroni Pre-orders are Selling Out! Reserve Today & Lock in Our Lowest Price. There are only 14 units still available for our first year of production— Reserve your Doroni H1 and we’ll lock in the incredible price of $195K, guaranteed!”

Sales have been impressive. Last Friday Doroni opened its pre-order book where it is only accepting 36 reservations in the first year of production. This means 22 eVTOLs have already been sold in just four days.

The actual product launch is penned in for Q4, 2024. The company says, “We are scaling slowly in order to ensure the highest level of quality and safety possible. Doroni test pilot Charles Boyd will serve as the company’s representative and guide customers through the entire process—from securing a reservation after submitting an application to their very first flight.”

This confidence comes about because Doroni is close to completing the construction of its two-seater full-scale H1 prototype, where flight trials could begin by the end of this year.

Doron Merdinger

The all-electric design features two sets of wings, each integrated with a pair of ducted fans. With a 500-pound payload, the H1 is expected to have a range of 100 miles with a maximum of 140 mph.

The company was founded in 2016 by Doron Merdinger and Ukrainian aerospace engineer Roman Antonov, who began his career with the country’s famous Antonov Design Bureau. Doroni recently moved to a production facility in Coral Springs, Florida. In 2021, the company achieved second place in the Florida Aerospace Consortium’s Innovation and Tech Forum. previously covered this exciting personal eVTOL company a month ago with news of its simulator. Meanwhile, Doroni has secured close to USD1.4 million to date from two crowdfunding practices on the platform Pre-orders can be confirmed via this link:

Ten days ago the website interviewed Merdinger. He describes the eVTOL as, “Like a 3D elevator. Remember how elevators used to be so complex that you needed a person to operate them? Now you just press a button. Once you start using [Doroni’s product], you will wonder how you ever drove a car.”

Journalist Riley Kaminer explains, “It is similar to an elevator in some ways. Most obviously, there is a parallel between how eVTOLs levitate to launch themselves into the sky, in a similar trajectory to an airplane. Equally, Merdinger explained that piloting Doroni’s eVTOL will be as simple as it is to operate an elevator.”

Initially, users will need to spend 15 hours acquiring a license to pilot a light sport aircraft in order to operate Doroni’s craft. Riley continues, “Merdinger underscored that top of mind for Doroni is creating a user-friendly product once the obligatory training is out of the way, by saying ‘We took away all the complications and made it so simple to fly: basically pushing three buttons.’”

The product has four legs, giving it the stability of a table, with room for two passengers and ten independent propulsion systems. The idea is that users can charge and store it in a two-car garage. By the end of 2024, the company aims to start delivering the first six units. 

Not surprisingly, regulation remains a major sticking point for the eVTOL technology, but Merdinger is optimistic, asserting the U.S government is very interested in creating vital regulation to enable eVTOLs, particularly at the federal level. He enthused, “This is the right place and the right time for Doroni.”

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