DriveOhio has collaborated with Northeast Ohio’s ‘Mastery School of Hawken’ to launch its latest Vertiport Innovation Challenge, reports a press release. Employing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills, students are to focus on identifying opportunities to implement Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in their community.

Over the next month, student teams will work with industry mentors to develop applications within the healthcare supply delivery, “middle mile” cargo transportation and “last mile” drone delivery.

The release states, “The final proposal will not only pinpoint solutions, but also the aviation infrastructure needed to support operations, such as a network of vertiports or mobility hubs, in alignment with the recently released Ohio Advanced Air Mobility Network.”

Mike DeWine

Governor Mike DeWine, commented, “As the state’s manufacturing footprint grows and transportation technology continues to advance, investing in Ohio’s emerging workforce is critical.”

He continued, “These science and technology-based outreach programs help prepare our next generation of leaders, showing our students that opportunities are limitless.” 

One group of students will brainstorm how to use drones to deliver groceries and food; another is to tackle how eVTOL Aircraft could transport vital medical supplies between hospitals; and a third is to look at using eVTOLs to fly cargo between logistics hubs.

Julia Hodges, Founding Faculty at Mastery School of Hawken, said, “This design challenge with FlyOhio allows students to engage in learning about physics and technology and gain exposure to this exciting new industry through the lens of the real challenges professionals in the advanced air mobility field are grappling with.”

Julia Hodges

Preeti Choudhary, Executive Director of DriveOhio, added, ”We already know that our investments in advanced air mobility has the potential to grow Ohio’s mobility economy for decades to come and reaching out to students in the classroom and tapping their passion, is just another way to position Ohio for success in this space.”


DriveOhio is the State’s portal to advancing smart mobility. Together with its partners the organisation has developed the world’s most advanced smart mobility ecosystem of connected, autonomous, electric and shared transportation, both on the ground and in the air.

DriveOhio is committed to developing the workforce via outreach programs for this new and quickly-evolving industry, by helping students embrace and envision future smart mobility careers.

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