Global Sky Media released an 84-page FREE report last week covering the developing Asia-Pacific Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). It covers 19 eVTOL Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that are either headquartered in Asia-Pacific or originally founded in the region. These include EHang, AutoFlight, Xpeng, TCab Tech, SkyDrive, Supernal, Honda and Volant.

Each OEM overview includes technical specifications of model, key development milestones, certification status, funding, known orders, and global partnerships.

An Example

The report also takes “a deep dive” into the state of the Chinese industry. AAM is on “a confirmed trajectory” for commercialisation in China potentially within the next three years. It then takes a closer look at the overall Asia-Pacific AAM challenges faced and explains how governments and OEMs are tackling them.

Link to Quick “Flipbook” Magazine Report

An actual PDF Download requires filling in your name, email and world location.

This comprehensive report is well worth a read.