Skyportz has opened its property partner database at the World Air Taxi Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, to accept registrations anywhere in the world from potential vertiport locations as well as a modular vertiport design that can be shipped to any location.

Designed by Contreras Earl Architecture in Australia with site specific input from Arup and To70 Aviation they can be deployed in components packed into shipping containers around the world.

Beta Technologies will provide a battery charging infrastructure suitable for almost any aircraft that may utilise the vertiport. Late last month, Skyportz announced the first Australian vertiport partnership at a business park in Melbourne at Caribbean Park.

Skyportz CEO Clem Newton-Brown said: “The Caribbean Park design is for three active pads and multiple charging bays. This announcement today is about options for a more compact and affordable unit that can be shipped and installed, in advance of the aircraft operating.

“We are already getting interest from existing helipad networks operated by operators such as Microflite in Australia. Skyportz can provide a branded network with Beta charging facilities ready to operate as soon as the eVTOL aircraft are available.

“Another good application is retrofitting existing buildings and multi-level car parking garages, where vertiports can be used for other purposes such as event spaces, cafes, bars or meeting rooms.

“The frontrunners have had over $10 billion invested into aircraft development in the last year which needs to be doubled down into vertiport infrastructure as there is no point developing these aircraft if they can’t land in new locations.

“No-where in the world has any jurisdiction set out definitive rules, regulations and standards for new vertiports. With our vertiport database growing daily we can assemble networks of sites in any launch market sought by investors.”

In March, Skyportz, Sea World Helicopters, Secure Parking and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate joined forces to make South East Queensland the centre of the emerging electric air taxi industry in Australia, in time for the Brisbane Olympics.