In the shark-infested waters of the emerging eVTOL/HEV/STOL industry, where only a few companies will make it as the majority fail, Manta Aircraft remains on course to become one of the successful elite.

A video was recently uploaded on to social media. The accompanying words say, “Vertical Take Off & Landing – and still fly long ranges is not a compromise. We have been pursuing the goal of #regional #aviation with attractive ranges since the beginning and are #pioneers in this field – resulting in a #performance of 300-800+km at 250-300km/h.”

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Naturally, it is a CGI video. Yet, Manta offers us a tantalising glimpse of the company’s imagination, possibilities and dreams. So much so, the aviation media is now taking the company seriously.

A recent write-up in the esteemed Farnborough Airshow Publication offers recognition and respect towards Manta’s potential. This company is not some fly-by-night, but a serious contender for the top table of aviation’s future.

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