AutoFlight, the Chinese global eVTOL company, announced today the opening of its first U.S office at Napa County airport in California, reports a press release.

This expansion is supported by the hiring of two senior industry veterans. Omer Bay-Yohay (co-Founder and former CEO of Eviation Aircraft) becomes AutoFlight’s President, while Chad Cashin (formerly leading Business Development at Joby Aviation) assumes the role of CCO (Chief Commercial Officer).

One of the team’s first tasks is to achieve a successful transition flight of its air taxi, dubbed Prosperity I, over U.S soil, which it aims to achieve in the months ahead.

Omer Bay-Yohay, commented, “Our name is synonymous with simplicity, safety and getting things done. I’m delighted to be joining this fantastic team. Chad and I have been welcomed with open arms and we’re excited to support our new colleagues on their inspiring journey to unlock the skies for mass individual transport by creating safe, efficient, eVTOL aircraft that make economic sense too.”

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In June, AutoFlight released a video of Prosperity 1 featuring a new design with upgraded lift & cruise configuration, optimised lifting propellers, and enhanced hover and cruise performance.

The eVTOL Aircraft is designed for short transfers between areas of a city, airport commutes, connecting two nearby cities or enabling trips to the countryside, while avoiding traffic on the ground. When ready for commercial flight in 2025, it is expected that a trip that could take hours by car will be reduced to around 10 minutes, without being any less safe or more expensive than a road taxi ride.

AutoFlight has successfully completed over a hundred full transition flights of its aircrafts in 2022 and is well on route to continue expanding the flight envelope and maturing its European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification program.

Chad Cashin and Omer Bay-Yohay

AutoFlight’s US expansion is the latest in a list of milestones for the eVTOL innovator that also includes the establishment of a European base in Augsburg, Germany, the appointment of Mark Henning (formerly of Airbus) as its European Managing Director, as well as USD100 million investment from next-generation mobility investor, Team Global.


AutoFlight uses its experience with artificial intelligence, 5G, breakthrough materials and advanced manufacturing in the drone market to drive developments in the eVTOL industry. The company has a diversified eVTOL product mix, focusing on large-scale logistics aircraft and passenger aerial vehicles.    

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