U.S-based Dronedek, known for its “Mailbox of the Future” tag, announced this week a collaboration with drone delivery company A2Z, reports a press release. This is the company’s 9th partner and comes on the back of recent deals with Speedy Eats and Hush Aerospace.

Dronedek construct specialist mailboxes for drones to drop off a wide variety of goods and items for last mile delivery. This new partnership allows A2Z to deliver items around Lawrence County, Indiana.

Dan O’Toole, Dronedek Founder and CEO, commented, “Partnerships like these are key to building the robust infrastructure needed for the future of delivery and commerce. Market studies show that consumers want their orders as fast and cheap as possible, regardless of who’s bringing it to them.” Both companies focus on consumer concerns of security, convenience and reliability.

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Aaron Zhang, CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery, added, “Our Rapid Delivery System enables payloads to be deposited from altitude, keeping spinning propellers away from people and property, mitigating intrusive rotor noise, and assuaging privacy concerns about drones near private residences.” (see video)

The A2Z Drone Delivery system was trialled two months ago in Lawrence by delivering food from local restaurants, including McDonald’s and Culver’s, to Dronedek’s smart mailboxes.

The global autonomous last mile delivery market is expected to grow to USD47.69 billion in 2026 (Research and Markets’ Autonomous Last Mile Delivery Global Market Report 2022).


The Dronedek mailbox has a multi-purpose. It is not only constructed for last mile drone deliveries, but also for traditional mail.

Based in Los Angeles, A2Z develops innovative solutions to enable safe, accurate and low-noise drone deliveries, focusing on the last-mile delivery market. The company serves customers around the world for a diverse array of applications.

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