More details are emerging about Wing’s drone delivery foray into Ireland, after news broke late last week that the U.S-based company plans to compete with Manna Aero in the Dublin area.

During the coming weeks, Wing will launch a small-scale demonstration of a drone delivery operation in Lusk, an Irish community in Fingal, County Dublin, 12 miles north of Dublin city. These operations come off the back of successful partnerships and approvals that were granted to the company in Finland and are recognised across EASA Member States as well as the Irish Aviation Authority.

Margaret Nagle, Wing’s Head of Policy, Regulatory and Community Affairs, writes on the Wing blog, “Ireland has been a welcome home for drone technology in Europe and a great incubator for future innovations. The goal of this program is to expand our European operations into Ireland, gain experience operating there, and begin the process of learning from the local community about the types of drone delivery services that would bring them the most value.”

She adds, “To be clear, this is a first small step for Wing in Ireland, and will look different from the commercial services we now operate in Finland, Australia and the United States.”

The company has already had preliminary discussions with local leaders and is looking forward to “deeper consultation over the coming days.” Wing is hosting a public community meeting at Lusk Community Cultural Centre on Thursday, Oct 27th from 4pm to 8pm. The public will be encouraged to ask questions, while gaining an opportunity to view the drones up close before they begin flying. This will be the first of many outreach events leading up to the service launch. 

Wing chose Ireland because of the support and experience of the Irish Aviation Authority and the openness of the Irish communities to drone delivery technology, after the successful trials carried out by Manna Aero.

Earlier this month, Wing completed its 300,000th drone delivery primarily in America and Australia.


It had to happen. Manna Aero does all the market research and hard work in Ireland and then a competitor jumps on-board in direct competition. Thank you very much. Is Wing a serious threat to Bobby Healy’s company, the cuckoo within his drone delivery nest? It is way too soon to tell.

The U.S company has its own problems, especially with craft noise. It is interesting that this press release arrived with an 8’ minute video of a flying Wing drone, yet all sound has been muted. We know the company is sensitive about its noise problem and especially concerned after the recent public’s criticism in Brisbane of “the mosquito-type whine”, even after the company had decreased the noise level by almost 50 percent the previous year.

Could this become “the battle of the decibel” between Manna and Wing? It is unclear who wins, at present. Yet a whine remains a whine at whatever low level. Surely, the sound of a wispy wind is far more natural?

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