Abu Dhabi Airports has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with French engineering and operations firm, Groupe ADP, to explore and accelerate the potential of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Abu Dhabi, reports TLME News Service.

This strategic collaboration was sealed at the Abu Dhabi Air Expo last week between Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri, MD and CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports, and Philippe Martinet, MD of Groupe ADP Airport Services. 

Under the agreement, the partnership will engage in the joint planning, design, development and operation of ground infrastructure for AAM in Abu Dhabi, following discussions with stakeholders, a feasibility study and market assessment to develop the industry roadmap. 

Philippe Martinet and Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri Sign Agreement

Al Dhaheri commented, “This agreement is a testament to our commitment to lead Advanced Air Mobility by collaborating with partners to deliver innovation and technology that drives efficiency, convenience and most importantly, sustainability.”

Philippe Martinet added, “With our hands-on experience in the Paris region today, and our deep understanding of the industry, its infrastructure and operational challenges, we will be supporting Abu Dhabi Airports in laying the ground for AAM service implementation.”

As more and more countries enter the green aviation revolution, Abu Dhabi is also embracing the drone industry.

Last month news broke that drone delivery will soon be a reality for residents, when a trial program transporting food and healthcare begins in the city. The craft will fly short distances dropping off vital medical supplies, fresh food and documents to specified Emirates Post sites.

Parcels and documents will be later carried by drones over longer distances in the emirate as part of the initiative by Maqta Gateway, the digital arm of AD Ports Group, Emirates Post and SkyGo, an aerial logistics provider. The aim is to assess demand and gauge the benefits of delivering small to medium-sized packages using drones while providing real-time tracking.

Officials have stated, details of the trial run will be released at the end of the year with plans for a commercial launch in 2023.

Drone Demonstration Over Abu Dhabi Desert

Noura Al Dhaheri, CEO of the digital cluster at Abu Dhabi Ports Group, commented, “Drone services could enable greater convenience and faster delivery times for customers across Abu Dhabi, while ensuring a positive environmental impact.” Adding, “Maqta Gateway is keen on collaborating in projects that would transform trade and logistics.”

Abdulla Al Ashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group, said, “By supporting this project, we are confident that we can alleviate road congestion and reduce fuel consumption in last-mile deliveries.”

And Mohammed Al Dhaheri, CEO of SkyGo, added, “This is yet another step in the process of transforming global trade to becoming more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally responsible.”

Meanwhile, there have been a number of drone demonstrations in the UAE to display the advantages of deploying them in tasks such as firefighting, monitoring the weather, surveying and agriculture including the planting of seeds.

In February, a fleet of drones took to the sky over the Abu Dhabi desert to showcase advanced aerial technologies . The live demonstration, held at Tilal Swaihan, was part of the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference being held in the capital.

The event showed the ability of aerial drones “swarming together” alongside unmanned light aircraft from various major manufacturers. These included craft produced by Garmoosha and a mini-helicopter-style Blowfish A3 manufactured by China’s Zhuhai Ziyan. The Blowfish, in particular, displayed excellent manoeuvrability and control for the operator.

The February exhibition focused on the defence, environmental, civil and humanitarian benefits of unmanned systems and was attended by regional government delegations and industry, military and civilian authorities from across the globe.

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(Top images: Abu Dhabi Airports)