October 3-5, 2023 (North California, USA)

The next event from the organisers of the AIRTAXI World Congress will take place in Northern California, with the exact location is to be confirmed in the middle of February

Darrell Swanson, co-founder of EAMaven, will be the moderator and the event is more focused on the certification progress with respect to OEMs and vertiports, ownership/business models and investors.

It has launched a new element for delegates called the Investors Lounge, which is a dedicated VIP area for investors, venture capitalists, banks and other VIPs.

AIRTAXI World Congress was first held in 2019 in London and rotates annually between international host countries. It is organised by Global Travel Investments (GTI), a venture capital with an extensive track record in aviation events and trainings.

More than 300 key guests attended the 2022 edition that featured the world’s first Vertical Airshow in Istanbul. It is aiming for 500 attendees in 2023 and as well as amplifying the importance of the Vertical Airshow and reaching out to the public to raise awareness.