Archer and Mecaer Aviation Group have entered into an agreement for the design, development, qualification and supply of landing gear for Archer’s eVTOL Midnight Aircraft, reports

Mecaer’s design expertise and years of production experience across different programs were decisive factors in the U.S-based aviation company selecting Mecaer as its partner. The landing gear system will enable vertical takeoff and landing “at a high utilisation frequency and low maintenance cost.”

Adam Goldstein, Archer’s CEO, commented, “Partnering with industry-leading suppliers to source the components, technologies, and systems needed to manufacture our Midnight aircraft is an important step in our path towards commercialisation.

He continued, “Mecaer’s well-established track record of delivering high-quality, high-reliability aircraft systems aligns well with Archer’s commitment to safety when it comes to the design, manufacturing and operation of our aircraft.”

Bruno Spagnolini

Bruno Spagnolini, Mecaer’s CEO, added, “Archer is pioneering the future of affordable, sustainable and safe urban air mobility. We’re proud to be part of their mission and help contribute to the future of urban transportation.”

Through the development of new products, expertise and technologies, Mecaer has strengthened its competitive edge by participating in innovative projects like the eVTOL Industry via strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers.

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