Our latest podcast episode is now live! This time, we were joined by Stephen Tibbitts, founder, chairman and CEO of ZEVA Aero.

ZEVA was founded in 2017 to compete in Boeing’s GoFly competition and then build a business on the back of that effort. ZEVA’s first vehicle is called Zero and the company believes it will transform the transportation landscape for mission-critical travel.

Tibbitts is arguably the earliest prognosticator of eVTOL technology as proven in this NASA SBIR proposal from 2005. He has inspired work at NASA, Joby and many other companies working in this arena. He is an active participant in NASA’s Transformative Vertical Flight Working Groups 3 & 4: Defining the roadmap to the future

In this episode, we hear from Stephen about the background behind setting up ZEVA, which is his fifth startup. The company was founded in 2017 to compete in Boeing’s GoFly competition, and Stephen talks about the ZEVA ZERO aircraft, and more recently, the Z2.

We talk about the importance of this technology for healthcare and logistics, and find out from Stephen what the next few months has in store for ZEVA, as it embarks on further flight testing.