Lilium today signed a contract with eVolare, a subsidiary of one of the UK’s largest helicopter and private jet operators Volare Aviation, which includes a firm commitment for ten Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets, with an option for an additional ten.

eVolare will be Lilium’s lead partner and launch operator in the UK for sales of the Lilium Jet to private individuals. Lilium will benefit from eVolare’s extensive expertise within the UK aviation network, and its premium market to manage Lilium Pioneer Edition Jets in the UK.

In addition, eVolare will provide safe and reliable operation of Lilium’s aircraft from Oxford, running a maintenance service centre and investing in landing infrastructure for Lilium’s UK network.

The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet was formally launched the same day and comes with a service, support, and training package, as well as customisable options for the cabin configuration and exclusive fabrics and materials.

The agreement between Lilium and eVolare will provide an opportunity for customers that regularly travel between locations within the UK to be part of an exclusive group of early adopters to experience future sustainable regional air mobility.

eVolare founder Dustin Dryden said: “The revolutionary technology of the Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet coupled with its unique, premium cabin, made it a natural choice for us when looking to meet the future demands of an environmentally conscious market. We can offer point-to-point travel in a sustainable, safe manner.”

Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe added: “Not only is the demand for sustainable regional air mobility in London high but eVolare’s experience serving customers with business jets and helicopters operations is a great fit to our commercial first phase. eVolare’s visionary approach to sustainable air mobility also makes them the perfect partner for the UK.”

eVolare will serve the Greater London area from its Oxford base and will make a pre-delivery payment to Lilium to secure aircraft delivery slots. The order coincides with the formal launch of the Lilium Pioneer Edition, a 50 aircraft limited-edition exclusive version of the Lilium Jet.

Last month, Lilium announced a $119 million capital raise from existing shareholders, new investors, and strategic partners, which include Honeywell and Aciturri as well as LGT and its affiliated impact investor Lightrock, Tencent, B. Riley Securities and certain affiliates.