The mainstream media continues to ramp up its coverage of eVTOLs and after this week’s feature from U.S-based CNBC, CNET has taken up the mantle with a video about Archer Aviation and its aircraft Midnight. Andy Altman, CNET’s senior producer for all things science and tech, is the man responsible, where he does a fine job presenting this 4’ video (see below).

He joined CNET (short for ‘Computer Network’) in 2014 and has since won various awards including for a documentary series ‘Hacking the Apocalypse’. CNET attracts around 50 million unique visitors to its website per month (SimilarWeb 2019).

Watch Video:

During the last month alone,, has covered a wide variety of Archer news stories: From the company’s ‘Maker’ demonstration craft, 1st transition to full wing-borne flight; Molicel to be the battery supplier; Garmin as the key avionics system manufacturer; Georgia, close to Covington Municipal Airport, to become the primary manufacturing facility; to the unveiling of Archer’s newly developed and impressive-looking aircraft, Midnight.

On top of this there has been a raft of videos; images of Midnight’s cabin interior; and a major announcement concerning Archer’s first passenger commercial route, in collaboration with United Airlines, between Newark Liberty International Airport to New York City’s Downtown Manhattan Heliport, where flights are to be launched in 2025. There is even news of yet another major story in the pipeline, although this has been embargoed until next Monday.

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