Australian-based, Alauda Aeronautics, renowned for its pioneering Airspeeder eVTOLs, announced last week that in September the company had successfully trialled three flying racing craft in close proximity, reports a press release. A long series of safety work was carried out first in order to achieve this milestone event.

This is a major part to Airspeeder’s mission of creating a flying car motorsport where multiple craft compete together on the same communication network.

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Similar to that of Formula 1’s original technological advancements moving from racing cars to daily automobiles, the Airspeeder eVTOL incorporates safety advances that have saved countless lives over the years, while serving as an ideal proving ground for new technologies.

This recent trial is another important step for Alauda as the company closes in on larger scale airspeeder races, where this industry ultimately progresses towards integrated AAV operations.

A number of technologies still require significant development in order to enable the necessary ops data for certification and safety evaluation activities, but Alauda’s drive towards more tightly packed eVTOLs in the sky, if only for racing at this time, is still an important step forward in the eVTOL development timeline.

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