EHang is collaborating with Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and Shandong Qilu Taihang Rescue to develop an EH216 ambulance AAV, according to a video clip recently posted on Chinese social media and reported by Both Qilu Hospital and Taihang Rescue are located in Jinan, Shandong province.

The collaboration includes:-

: Development of an EH216 ambulance version.

: Construct a regional manned UAV air ambulance network system.

: Establish an intelligent command centre for air rescue (including manned UAV, helicopters, etc..)

: Research and develop for an intelligent command and dispatch system, which has five core functions of monitoring, dispatching, management, early warning and clustering.

: Formulate “Manned UAV Air Ambulance Standards.”

: Establish a “manned UAV air ambulance” education and training base as well as assessment centre.

: Build a production base for both manned and EHang unmanned UAV air ambulance in Jinan.

Qilu Hospital

Furthermore, there are plans to create a Public Health Centre which will include:-

: Integrated Intelligent Command Centre for Air Emergency Rescue.

: Regional air-ground integrated emergency first aid and rescue network system.

: Regional air-ground integrated emergency first aid and rescue practice base.

: Prevention and Control Centre for Unknown Infectious Diseases and Infectious Diseases.

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