Dufour Aerospace announced today it has successfully completed a Series B investment from Vista Global Holding, a leading global private aviation group, to further help its expansion, reports a press release. Apart from Vista, two new investors participated in this funding round.

The release states, “Vista’s investment and deep industry experience provides valuable support in expanding the considerable potential of Dufour’s innovative tilt-wing technologies and aerospace products. This technology will be applied in Dufour’s unmanned Aero2 aircraft and its flagship manned Aero3 aircraft.”

Thomas Pfammatter, CEO of Dufour Aerospace, commented, “We are delighted this financing round was led by Vista. They recognise the importance of developing successful products and solutions to support the future of hybrid-electric tilt-wing aircraft.”

Thomas Pfammatter

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman of Vista, added, “It is an exciting time for Dufour, and this investment is in line with our strategy of supporting environmental air mobility solutions which further reiterates our commitment to ensuring a greener future for our industry.”


Dufour Aerospace relies on the tilt-wing principle – the tilt-wing aircraft Aero3 – which is currently under development and will carry both passengers and healthcare patients. The aircraft takes off and lands vertically, but flies as fast as an aeroplane.

While the propellers are electrically driven, hybrid elements through conventional turbine or fuel cells ensure a sufficiently long range. Dufour is also developing the Aero2, an unmanned aerial vehicle that is also based on the tilt-wing principle.

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(Images: Dufour Aerospace)