Air taxis flying the public to and from the Osaka Expo will be a major attraction during the six month long event. The organisers have begun the process of choosing which eVTOL companies are to be involved, reports The Expo starts on 13th April and closes 13th October, 2025. The exhibition is being designed to herald the full-scale arrival of the eVTOL industry in Japan.

The announcement for application guidelines and the launch of the recruitment process began two weeks ago. The deadlines ahead are as follows: For questions from potential operators (January 17th); submission of applications (January 20th); signing of memorandums of understanding (January 27th); leading to a public announcement of the chosen eVTOL operators at the end of January.

The operators are expected to provide eVTOL air taxi services for visitors to the Osaka Expo between a vertiport at the Yumeshima site and at least one other offsite location, such as Kansai International Airport or central Osaka. The distance between these points is around 30 kilometres.

The obvious question: Which eVTOL companies will apply and who may then be chosen?

It is already known that Japan-based SkyDrive and its SD-05 eVTOL is a shoo-in. As for others, these could include Joby, Archer, Volocopter and EHang. All four companies may have gained full commercial flight certification by then.

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(Top graphic image: Japan Association/via Kyodo)