Polytec, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality plastic, has partnered with FlyNow Aviation to advance urban air mobility.

For more than 35 years, Polytec has been offering its customers experience and know-how, not only as a complete supplier for injection moulding, but also as a specialist for fibre reinforced and polyurethane components.

FlyNow Aviation GmbH develops and produces an automatically flying, electric modular eVTOL family consisting of cargo and personal air vehicles. The company claims these eVTOLs are conceptually superior to all currently known developments of manned and unmanned eVTOLs in the areas of noise emission, energy efficiency, ergonomics, production cost and cost of operation.

Moreover, component weight and stability play a central role. For over two years, FlyNow Aviation and Polytec have collaborated to develop ultralight structural plastic parts for the eVTOL family applying innovative and sustainable processes for mass production.

Polytec and FlyNow Aviation both share the same passion for innovation to jointly work on a safe, comfortable and clean means of transport for future mobility.

Founded in 1986, Polytec is an Austrian-­based company with around 3,400 employees worldwide, which has been offering its customers ­experience and know-how, not only as a complete supplier in the injection ­mould­ing field, but also as a specialist for fibre-­reinforced ­plastics, a pro­ducer of original accessories made from plastic and ­special steel.

In both the automotive and non-automotive areas, Polytec provides value-added depth that incorporates design and project development, as well as the production of tools and semis for fibre compound materials, component simulation and testing, and virtually all the available plastics processing technologies. In addition, Polytec supplies excellent performance in the shape of downstream processes such as painting, assembly and just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery.

On Monday, eVTOL Insights published an interview in detail with FlyNow Aviation CEO Jurgen Greil.