UK-based aviation startup, ARC Aerosystems, has unveiled its new VTOL aircraft at the Air Finance Journal event in Dublin, Ireland, reports a press release. The ARC LINX P9 is one of a proposed line-up of VTOL aircraft.

It is designed to carry 9 passengers as a cost-effective, low-carbon solution to intercity travel.  ARC has already successfully carried out test flights for its cargo models, C-150 and C-600.

Using VTOL technology, the LINX P9 has the flexibility of a helicopter, with the performance of a fixed-wing utility aircraft, designed to address the challenging needs of regional air mobility.

The release says, “The LINX P9 is a full-composite structure aircraft, with two variants of Hybrid Electric and twin turbo-prop power train both running on SAF/ Hydrogen in future, a high wing configuration, and is unpressurised and equipped with a retractable tricycle landing gear.”

It continues, “It’s able to perform a jump take-off and no-roll landing without the need of a runway, making it a highly versatile passenger and cargo craft, fit for a wide range of use cases.”

Prof. John Fielding and Seyed Mohseni at the Linx P9 Unveiling

ARC’s CEO, Seyed Mohseni, believes the LINX P9 could be the missing link in achieving Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). He commented, “It’s a very exciting design concept that is the ultimate solution for the market, that is affordable, safe and practical, whilst providing the right answer to the current environmental concerns.”

The LINX P9 offers a 40 percent more cost-effective alternative to helicopters (based on the DARPA model) and 30 percent increased range compared to similar size ‘copters (based on the Roskam method) . ARC has already completed a 100 percent scale test for its C-150 craft and Mohseni is confident the LINX P9 meets the needs of the market. 

He remarked, “Development of an air vehicle requires dedication to understand clients’ needs in 5 to 50 years in the future, and define a road map of a timely certifiable technology to achieve solutions for those needs.”

ARC is presently looking for investors “to share in its vision” of a “sustainable and time-efficient technology.”

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