Air Courtage Assurances partners with Skyfly to insure private EVTOLs

Air Courtage Assur­ances is to pro­vide ‘the world’s first EVTOL insur­ance prod­uct’ exclu­sive­ly for clients of the Axe by Skyfly. The com­pa­ny has designed offi­cial in-house insur­ance cov­er­age for mem­bers of the UK Light Air­craft Asso­ci­a­tion (LAA), which is expect­ed to be the first organ­i­sa­tion to cer­ti­fy the Axe EVTOL.

Skyfly CCO Jaap Rade­mak­er com­ment­ed: “With series pro­duc­tion under­way for the Axe EVTOL and our first cus­tomers due to receive their air­craft next year, we turned to Air Courtage to devel­op a bespoke insur­ance prod­uct for own­ers of our Axe EVTOL.

“Air Courtage imme­di­ate­ly under­stood the unique aspects of our design with its four wings, 8 fixed-angle motors, and bal­lis­tic para­chute. The four wings enable the Axe to fly like a fixed-wing air­plane whilst it is also able to fly like a heli­copter, tak­ing off and land­ing ver­ti­cal­ly.

“Air Courtage made the case to under­writ­ers that the Axe is demon­stra­bly safer than both air­planes and heli­copters.”

Found­ed in France in 1999, Air Courtage Assur­ances insures approx­i­mate­ly 26,000 air­craft in Europe, of which almost half are kit-built or light air­craft like the Axe EVTOL. The LAA is expect­ed to become the first nation­al body to cer­ti­fy the Axe EVTOL in 2024.

Air Courtage Assur­ances group CEO Car­o­line Cognet Renard added: “The Axe EVTOL fits per­fect­ly in our glob­al strat­e­gy to pack­age, with our insur­ance part­ners, the right solu­tions. SkyFly has over 30,000 pilots and more than 1,600 UAV oper­a­tors already insured through Air Courtage.”

Air Courtage will under­write the Axe EVTOL insur­ance, a process made eas­i­er because of the Axe’s many lay­ers of safe­ty redun­dan­cy, and because the Axe is a ful­ly-func­tion­ing fixed-wing air­craft, some­thing which insur­ers are already famil­iar with.

Lau­rent Détroy­at, strate­gic com­mer­cial devel­op­ment lead at Air Courtage Assur­ances, con­tin­ued: “This is the first air­craft of its kind that links the known per­son­al fixed–wing air­craft envi­ron­ment with the real nov­el­ty of elec­tric ver­ti­cal take­off and land­ing air­craft. From the spec­i­fi­ca­tions pre­sent­ed, this air­craft can glide.”

Maud Badot, Skyfly project man­ag­er at Air Courtage Assur­ances, con­clud­ed: “Thanks to the thor­ough­ly cal­cu­lat­ed, clear and trans­par­ent infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by Skyfly, we have been able to find a lead­ing glob­al play­er in the insur­ance indus­try ready to accom­pa­ny us to man­age the risk of this project.”

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