Estonia partners with Airbus to optimise emergency healthcare

Last Decem­ber, Air­bus, host­ed its annu­al Air­bus Sum­mit in Toulouse and Munich, focussing on sus­tain­abil­i­ty and the future of trans­porta­tion. On the sec­ond day, the sum­mit high­light­ed Life­Saver, a frame­work co-devel­oped by Air­bus and Inter­na­tion­al SOS to opti­mise emer­gency health­care sys­tems.

“The goal is to iden­ti­fy and cre­ate inno­v­a­tive solu­tions for Esto­nia and oth­er coun­tries so as to lever­age our local capa­bil­i­ties and max­i­mize the export oppor­tu­ni­ties of Eston­ian com­pa­nies,” said Joonas Vän­to, Direc­tor of Invest Esto­nia.

CityAir­bus’s NextGen ful­ly-elec­tric air­craft pro­to­type has a range of 80 km, a cruise speed of 120 km/h, and car­ries three pas­sen­gers and a pilot. X‑Road gov­ern­men­tal infra­struc­ture pro­vides the secure move­ment of dig­i­tal data includ­ing health records, and can man­age com­plex sys­tems bet­ter.

Air­bus head of UAM strat­e­gy exe­cu­tion & part­ner­ships Balk­iz Sar­i­han added: “The capa­bil­i­ty of a heli­copter in med­ical ser­vices mis­sions is irre­place­able while eVTOLs with zero-emis­sion flights and a low­er noise pro­file have the poten­tial to enable new mis­sions and com­ple­ment heli­copters in sup­port­ing the ever-evolv­ing med­ical ser­vices.”

With many remote areas and 2,000 islands Esto­nia has numer­ous projects cen­tred around elec­tric vehi­cles, fuel cells and hydro­gen-pow­ered sys­tems. The launch of the Life­Saver pro­gramme is expect­ed in the first half of 2023.

Asso Uibo, Invest Estonia’s direc­tor of region­al busi­ness devel­op­ment in South Esto­nia, con­tin­ued: “Our com­mon ambi­tion is to take a big step for­ward from the first stud­ies to assess what could be improved in the exist­ing med­ical ser­vices ecosys­tem in Esto­nia.”

In Octo­ber 2021, EHang announced that its flag­ship pas­sen­ger 216 AAV and Fal­con logis­tics mod­el com­plet­ed beyond visu­al line of sight tri­al flights for air­port trans­port and par­cel deliv­ery in Esto­nia, under the Euro­pean Union’s GOF 2.0 Inte­grat­ed Urban Air­space Val­i­da­tion project.

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