PODCAST: Grant Fisk of Volatus Infrastructure LLC shares key trends on vertiport construction

Our lat­est pod­cast is live! Our guest was Grant Fisk, who is one of the co-founders of Vola­tus Infra­struc­ture LLC. He is the one cred­it­ed with devel­op­ing the mod­u­lar, bud­get-friend­ly, acces­si­ble eVTOL ver­ti­port that Vola­tus Infra­struc­ture is known for. 

Dur­ing our episode, Grant gives us a detailed back­ground behind the com­pa­ny and the tech­nol­o­gy behind its mod­u­lar, bud­get-friend­ly and acces­si­ble ver­ti­ports for eVTOL air­craft.

He shares more about its roadmap and when it might be able to see ones of these oper­a­tional, the key trends he’s see­ing when it comes to infra­struc­ture and also pro­vides an overview on the Ver­ti­cal Flight Soci­ety’s recent VTOL Elec­tric Sym­po­sium. We also hear for the first time, more details about pro­duc­tion for Vola­tus’ charg­ing sta­tions which was only announced a few weeks ago.

Click on the Play but­ton below to lis­ten to the episode, which is also on Apple Pod­casts and Spo­ti­fy.

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Jason Pritchard

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