Moya Aero has been awarded a $2 million grant to continue work on developing its Moya eVTOL from the FINEP, a Brazilian government organization that promotes science, technology, and innovation.

In partnership with Helisul Drones, Albatross, and Certifica Drone, Moya Aero was one of two companies awarded among 15 finalists. The grant will support the next steps of the first eVTOL for cargo dedicated to logistics applications aiming at greater productivity and efficiency.

Moya Aero was founded in 2020 by Alexandre Zaramela and Renata Paolillo as a spin-off of ACS Aviation, Brazil’s leading aeronautical engineering, research, and aircraft development entity located in the heart of Latin America’s aerospace industry corridor, São José dos Campos.

This experience is behind the Moya eVTOL, the first autonomous, high-capacity, all-electric vehicle being built in the Southern Hemisphere. Payload is claimed to be ten times greater than current small conventional drones up to 25 kg.

Alexandre Zaramela, Co-Founder and CEO of Moya, said: “We are honored to receive this support from the FINEP, which we see as a testament to the importance of developing zero-emissions vehicles. Our mission is to build a cargo drone that will fill a gap in the market to serve remote and unassisted areas by conventional transport.”

The Moya eVTOL is said to spray six times more hectares per hour than small conventional drones, and covers more area to reach places where traditional crop dusters cannot operate, with greater precision to minimise dispersant drift. It claims 50% lower operating costs compared to helicopters.

With a maximum range of 110 km and a cruise speed of 150 km/h, endurance is 42 minutes on a 105 hectare per battery cycle. The lithium-polymer battery (LiPo) uses solid polymer for the electrolyte and lithium for one of the electrodes, with a battery capacity of 83 kWh. The engine utilises four electric brushless rotors with a maximum of 62 kW per rotor.