Skyway and Moonware will accelerate ground infrastructure readiness for advanced aerial mobility, with Skyway offering air traffic navigation and vertiport airspace management services while Moonware offers automated aviation ground operations through its AI-powered software and autonomous ground vehicles.

Moonware’s technology provides Urban Air Mobility (UAM) service providers with systems that efficiently manage airfield ground operations to safely meet flight throughput requirements.

The partnership aims to digitally integrate ground operations into traffic systems, with Skyway’s vertiport development to provide reliable UAM infrastructure as well as bringing the next evolution in automated traffic services to airline operators.

The principal challenges involved with eVTOL ground operations are the intrinsic limitations of self-taxiing aircraft, due to battery constraints and range requirements. As more vertiports are developed and brought onto the flight network, adopting standardised systems can scale across a wide variety of operational requirements.

Moonware’s Airside HALO operating system is an app-based tool designed to coordinate and automate aviation ground services with features such as automated crew scheduling and dispatching, GSE asset allocation, and real-time airside visibility.

HALO will enable Skyway to digitally integrate ground operations into its vertiport management system, allowing the air traffic operation centre to see critical information.

Moonware CEO Javier Vidal said: “This partnership enables ground operations to be digitally integrated into traffic management systems from the very start, and equips operators with a tool that will streamline their airside workflow.”

Moonware and Skyway will also establish requirements to deploy Moonware’s ATLAS autonomous and electric pushback vehicle, to taxi eVTOLs in vertiports operating in Skyway’s network.

ATLAS will enable quick and safe aircraft transfers to parking stands, providing aircraft manufacturers with an extended range through engine-off taxiing operations, reducing energy consumption and vertiport noise.

Skyway CEO Clifford Cruz added: “Vertiport uptime and organisation of assets via Moonware’s technologies will increase Skyway’s facility operation offerings value proposition.”

By partnering with Moonware, Skyway’s navigation services will extend through the entire charter experience with safe and reliable services to tackle the challenges of the industry and pave the way for a seamless passenger experience.

In November 2020, Moonware launched as an independent company to provide software as a ground handling service and help automate airports and Skyports for Urban Air Mobility operations.

Last month, Siemens and Skyway started working to determine the electrical and digital infrastructure needed to support vertiport operations, with both companies researching the energy demands and developing a sustainable electrical supply, standard charging processes, and a system of systems to support aircraft operations.