Altaport announces new partnerships on vertiport automation

Aero­drome automa­tion sys­tems devel­op­er Alta­port has announced new part­ner­ships on an advanced ver­ti­port automa­tion sys­tem that will enable it to act as a sys­tems inte­gra­tor for ver­ti­ports.

The com­pa­ny has signed agree­ments with TruWeath­er, Electro.Aero, Fortem, 1200.aero, ResilienX, and Moon­ware to pro­vide data inputs like low alti­tude micro-weath­er, Auto­mat­ic Depen­dent Sur­veil­lance-Broad­cast (ADS‑B), for­eign object debris (FOD) detec­tion, and air­space incur­sion sen­sors while man­ag­ing ground activ­i­ties like vehi­cle charg­ing and ground sup­port equip­ment (GSE) allo­ca­tion and move­ment.

It will com­bine mul­ti­ple crit­i­cal sys­tems into a sin­gle mod­u­lar plat­form with out-of-the-box capa­bil­i­ties to facil­i­tate safe and effi­cient han­dling of high-vol­ume ground oper­a­tions for eVTOL and car­go drones.

“Ver­ti­port devel­op­ers are active­ly design­ing facil­i­ties to han­dle high-vol­ume autonomous oper­a­tions with­in lim­it­ed spaces, and Alta­port is com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing a dig­i­tal infra­struc­ture to oper­ate these ver­ti­ports safe­ly and effi­cient­ly,” said Alta­port co-founder Cory Cozzens.

Altaport’s sys­tem pro­vides func­tions to man­age autonomous ground activ­i­ty, includ­ing resource sched­ul­ing, sur­face move­ment, ground ser­vice pro­vi­sion­ing, pas­sen­ger man­age­ment, and vehi­cle charg­ing, by pro­vid­ing accu­rate, real-time vis­i­bil­i­ty into fac­tors that affect ver­ti­port oper­a­tions.

Alta­port co-founder Robert Car­roll added: “The advanced air mobil­i­ty ecosys­tem will require coor­di­na­tion between sophis­ti­cat­ed pub­lic and pri­vate enti­ties and Alta­port, in part­ner­ship with key ser­vice providers, has an impor­tant role to play as a plat­form for col­lab­o­ra­tion.”

Altaport’s dig­i­tal tools are cur­rent­ly used by heli­port and air­port man­agers to orches­trate ground oper­a­tions at loca­tions around the world. Its new part­ners rep­re­sent advanced air mobility’s lead­ing aero­drome ser­vice providers.

1200.aero auto­mates oper­a­tions mon­i­tor­ing and data ser­vices for ground infra­struc­ture man­agers and flight schools.

Electro.aero designs and builds charg­ing solu­tions for the elec­tri­fied future of air mobil­i­ty.

Fortem Tech­nolo­gies is the leader in air­space aware­ness, secu­ri­ty, and defense for UAM and AAM.

Moon­ware pro­vides solu­tions to auto­mate and opti­mize ground han­dling oper­a­tions in real time, yield­ing opti­mal effi­cien­cy and safe­ty.

ResilienX’s soft­ware mon­i­tors the health, integri­ty, and per­for­mance of com­plex sys­tems of sys­tems.

TruWeath­er Solu­tions col­lects and fus­es diverse weath­er data sets, trans­lat­ing the data into tar­get­ed insights and action­able deci­sions for weath­er-sen­si­tive indus­tries.

Alta­port has an exist­ing part­ner­ship with Vola­tus to pro­vide the dig­i­tal com­po­nents of their ver­ti­port solu­tions. As these and new infra­struc­ture man­agers look to the future, Alta­port and its part­ners are help­ing them pre­pare to meet the rig­or­ous demands of advanced air mobil­i­ty.

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