Watch Video: The Zipline “Game-Changer!”

evtolinsights.com pub­lished a sto­ry this week about drone deliv­ery com­pa­ny, Zipline (wait for the overused phrase) “game-chang­ing” new tech­nolo­gies (note the plur­al). Any­one who has fol­lowed the ulti­mate “drones for good” com­pa­ny, knows how ahead it is from its rivals both in tech­nol­o­gy and suc­cess. And now, Zipline has tak­en not one, but two addi­tion­al steps for­ward.

In fact, the sto­ry above is two sto­ries in one, where the major “game-chang­er” has been over­shad­owed. For we enter the realms of Star Wars, Blade Run­ner and The Fifth Ele­ment with the intro­duc­tion of Zipline’s droid, where the increas­ing prob­lem of deliv­ery drone noise is erased with one stealth move. To real­ly gain the full impact of this tech­no­log­i­cal break­through, please view the 21.5’ minute-long video below under the head­ing, “Amaz­ing Inven­tion — This Drone will Change Every­thing”.

Mark Rober and his enthu­si­asm for Zipline is con­ta­gious.

While 42 year-old Rober is your typ­i­cal tech­no geek who speaks in a high-pitched gatling gun fash­ion, his back­ground is impres­sive. Renowned for his videos on pop­u­lar sci­ence and do-it-your­self gad­gets, before becom­ing a YouTube star, Rober was an engi­neer with NASA for nine years, where he spent sev­en years work­ing on the Curios­i­ty Rover at NASA’s Jet Propul­sion Lab­o­ra­to­ry. He lat­er worked for four years at Apple as a prod­uct design­er in their Spe­cial Projects Group, where he authored patents involv­ing vir­tu­al real­i­ty in self-dri­ving cars.

In a nut­shell, not only does Rober know what he is talk­ing about, but has the port­fo­lio to prove it. Amaz­ing­ly, this video (apolo­gies for the ads) has attract­ed over 14 mil­lion views in just four days. The point being… if Rober is behav­ing like a wag­gy dog on steroids, you take him seri­ous­ly.

The video explains every­thing. Please Enjoy. “Droids For good!”

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