Elec­tro Aero has announced four new part­ner­ships with lead­ing com­pa­nies in the elec­tric avi­a­tion indus­try.

“With these new part­ner­ships cov­er­ing soft­ware, leas­ing and infra­struc­ture devel­op­ment, our cus­tomers will now be able to install our air­craft charg­ing solu­tions with ful­ly inte­grat­ed smart soft­ware for elec­tric­i­ty and traf­fic man­age­ment,” said Richard Charl­ton, CEO & co-founder of Electro.Aero.

The part­ner­ships include:

1) Aerovy Mobil­i­ty – elec­tri­cal infra­struc­ture soft­ware for advanced air mobil­i­ty that enables dynam­ic pric­ing of air­craft charg­ing ser­vices based on machine learn­ing of sup­ply and demand pat­terns, so that providers of charg­ing ser­vices can ensure that every air­craft gets the charge they need and when they need it.

2) Alta­port – automa­tion soft­ware for air­ports, heli­ports, ver­ti­ports and droneports to man­age charg­ing slots by pre-book­ing and queue con­trol of incom­ing air­craft. By relay­ing real-time infor­ma­tion about avail­able charg­ers and pric­ing to air­craft oper­a­tors, Alta­port soft­ware max­imis­es the util­i­sa­tion of charg­ing assets and min­imis­es air­craft turn­around time.

3) Green­star Avi­a­tion Part­ners – struc­tured leas­ing solu­tions for elec­tric air­craft and charg­ing infra­struc­ture that enable cus­tomers to acquire the infra­struc­ture they need.

4) Sky­portz – devel­op­er of ver­ti­port infra­struc­ture focused on secur­ing access to prime sites for ver­ti­ports. 

Sky­portz CEO Clem New­ton-Brown said: “The focus in the indus­try to date has been on larg­er ver­ti­ports locat­ed at exist­ing air­ports. How­ev­er, if this indus­try is to reach its poten­tial we need to let pri­vate prop­er­ty own­ers devel­op their own ver­ti­ports.

“We will soon be releas­ing a mod­u­lar ver­ti­port build­ing that can be deliv­ered to site in a ship­ping con­tain­er, and assem­bled with­out heavy equip­ment, com­plete with a high pow­ered bat­tery bank and charg­er with solar pan­els.”

It is gen­er­al­ly con­sid­ered too soon to get approvals for ver­ti­port usage from Gov­ern­ments as the stan­dards are still in devel­op­ment, and nowhere in the world has any Gov­ern­ment set out the rules and reg­u­la­tions, oth­er than for dis­play sites.

Sky­portz will announce fur­ther part­ners once its mod­u­lar design is released lat­er this year, includ­ing weath­er data, air traf­fic man­age­ment sys­tems, book­ing ser­vices and avi­a­tion oper­a­tors.

New­ton-Brown added: “The key to this indus­try is break­ing the nexus between avi­a­tion and exist­ing air­ports. We need to devel­op a net­work of new ver­ti­port sites if the indus­try is to reach its poten­tial and Sky­portz is ready­ing the land­scape to part­ner with infra­struc­ture investors.”