Garuda, Naini Aerospace collaborate for “Make in India Drone Manufacturing”

Referred to by the Indi­an media as “a mas­sive step towards boost­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ing of indige­nous drones in India”, Garu­da Aero­space and Nai­ni Aero­space Engi­neer­ing, the lat­ter being a whol­ly owned sub­sidiary of Hin­dus­tan Aero­nau­tics Lim­it­ed (HAL) under the admin­is­tra­tive con­trol of the Min­istry of Defence, have signed a Mem­o­ran­dum of Under­stand­ing (MOU), joint devel­op­ment part­ner­ship agree­ment, reports www.traveldailymedia.

The MOU part­ner­ship enables Garu­da to exten­sive­ly man­u­fac­ture its drones in India for a wide vari­ety of appli­ca­tions and fur­ther strength­ens a lead­er­ship in the indus­try. Each craft is able to car­ry a pay­load of up to 25 kg. Garu­da also has a famous share­hold­er and com­pa­ny ambas­sador, for­mer inter­na­tion­al Indi­an crick­eter, M.S Dhoni.

The Two Com­pa­nies Sign­ing the MOU Agree­ment

Agnish­war Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garu­da Aero­space, commented,“Our Prime Minister’s vision of achiev­ing the mile­stone of ‘1 lakh Made in India drones’ by 2024 is well on track. The part­ner­ship with Nai­ni Aero­space engi­neer­ing is a nat­ur­al next step for us.”

He con­tin­ued, “Our Drone Yatra has been a major suc­cess and we have pre-booked over 7,000 drones at Rs. 4.5 lakhs each. Part­ner­ships with Gov­ern­ment PSUs are crit­i­cal giv­en the knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence they pos­sess to scale up pro­duc­tion. We will con­tin­ue to stay focused and part­ner with indus­try lead­ers to help us achieve our PM’s vision.”

Garu­da Aero­space recent­ly part­nered with BEML at Aero India for fur­ther drone man­u­fac­tur­ing at their Mysore facil­i­ty and ini­ti­at­ed “a mas­sive indi­geni­sa­tion cam­paign.” The com­pa­ny has also col­lab­o­rat­ed with 120 local sup­pli­ers with the objec­tive of reduc­ing reliance on for­eign drone part imports, com­po­nents and UAV sub­sys­tems.

R.R. Thakur, CEO of Nai­ni Aero­space, remarked, “Our expe­ri­ence with the pro­duc­tion of Heli­copter struc­tures was launched five years ago in a new­ly con­struct­ed Aero-struc­ture hangar equipped with state of the art facil­i­ties. We have now reached the lev­el of full-fledged oper­a­tional­i­sa­tion with proven capa­bil­i­ties in the field of pro­duc­tion of aero-struc­tures as well as air­craft loom man­u­fac­tur­ing.”

He added, “Cur­rent­ly, key man­age­r­i­al posi­tions are occu­pied by expe­ri­enced pro­fes­sion­als from HAL, so we are con­fi­dent to bring in knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence to joint­ly devel­op drones with Garu­da Aero­space”.

Garu­da’s Famous Share­hold­er and Ambas­sador, M.S Dhoni

Nai­ni Aero­space is locat­ed in an area of Praya­graj devel­oped by UP State Indus­tri­al Devel­op­ment Corp. The com­pa­ny has a vision of “sus­tain­able man­u­fac­tur­ing oper­a­tions with­in the Aero­space and Avi­a­tion sec­tor.” The part­ner­ship also enables a reduc­tion in cost giv­en the ease of trans­porta­tion. The fac­to­ry is locat­ed on the Praya­graj-Mirza­pur high­way, approx­i­mate­ly 20 km from Praya­graj City Cen­tre.

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(Images: Garu­da)

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