PODCAST: Arthur Gilmore, President and CEO of Gilmore Group discusses the ‘Human Experience’ as the centre of the eVTOL ecosystem

Our next pod­cast is now live! This week, we were joined by Arthur Gilmore, Pres­i­dent and CEO of Gilmore Group.

The com­pa­ny is a brand, design, tech­nol­o­gy and media firm and we start off by talk­ing to him about his back­ground and a few key high­lights, before talk­ing about how Gilmore Group’s back­ground in avi­a­tion can ben­e­fit the emerg­ing eVTOL indus­try.

We ask Arthur about the com­pa­ny’s method­ol­o­gy and how it can help avoid those pit­falls or unex­pect­ed con­se­quences in the mar­ket as it con­tin­ues to scale, and then focus on what his thoughts are on the cur­rent state of eVTOL design. Arthur shares his thoughts on cre­at­ing the ‘per­fect ecosys­tem’ and then address­es the human fac­tor approach.

Click on the Play but­ton to lis­ten to the episode, which is also avail­able on Spo­ti­fy, Sound­Cloud and Apple Pod­casts.

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Jason Pritchard

Jason Pritchard is the Editor of eVTOL Insights. He holds a BA from Leicester's De Montfort University and has worked in Journalism and Public Relations for more than a decade. Outside of work, Jason enjoys playing and watching football and golf. He also has a keen interest in Ancient Egypt.

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