CNN’s Mar­ket­Place Asia offers this excel­lent 4’.26 video which high­lights the var­i­ous eVTOLs on dis­play at the recent ‘BEYOND EXPO 2023’ in Macau, Chi­na, with an empha­sis on EHang and its VT-30 Air­craft. Chief Oper­at­ing Offi­cer, Xin Fang, is inter­viewed. The video cites Mor­gan Stan­ley’s pre­dic­tion that the Urban Air Mobil­i­ty sec­tor could be worth USD1 tril­lion annu­al­ly by 2040.

AeroFu­gia, Xpeng and Sky­drive are also fea­tured.

The video is worth a view.

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(Top image: VT-30, Cred­it: EHang)