Farnborough International Airshow 2024: “Record Demand For Exhibition Space and Sponsorship”

Post-lock­down and the Farn­bor­ough Inter­na­tion­al Air­show has gone from strength to strength, reports a press release. After the high­ly suc­cess­ful, first post-covid event in July 2022, the 2024 Air­show is look­ing to become a record-break­er.

The release explains, “In line with the pos­i­tive out­look for the aero­space indus­try, which is expect­ing com­mer­cial rev­enues to grow 14 per­cent year-on-year, the forth­com­ing edi­tion of the Farn­bor­ough Inter­na­tion­al Air­show in 2024 is report­ing record-break­ing demand for exhi­bi­tion space, spon­sor­ship pack­ages and mar­ket­ing acti­va­tions. The show is set to reach new heights as the pre-emi­nent mar­ket­place for an indus­try on an upward tra­jec­to­ry.”

Over 90 per­cent of com­mer­cial exhi­bi­tion spaces and chalets are already reserved and sold across the show site, with only a hand­ful of self-build stands remain­ing across the show’s four exhi­bi­tion halls. To meet this excep­tion­al demand, Farn­bor­ough Inter­na­tion­al is con­struct­ing 17 new chalets with more than 50 per­cent of these already sold.

Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farn­bor­ough Inter­na­tion­al, com­ment­ed, “As the first inter­na­tion­al Air­show to take place after the pan­dem­ic, the revival of the aero­space, defence, and space indus­tries has proven the val­ue and need for glob­al air­shows. We have seen the aero­space indus­try accel­er­ate part­ner­ships and sus­tain­able strate­gies to take their oper­a­tions to new heights.”

He con­tin­ued, “We are ready to sup­port this peri­od of growth and act as a cat­a­lyst for pos­i­tive, future-focused change that will steer the tra­jec­to­ry of aero­space, space and defence for the next decade. We are work­ing tire­less­ly with the glob­al aero­space indus­try to pro­vide oppor­tu­ni­ties at the 2024 air­show and will be imple­ment­ing a wait­list for those who are still keen to engage.”

Ver­ti­cal Aero­space VX‑4 Made a Major Impact at Farn­bor­ough ’22

The glob­al air­line indus­try is expect­ed to return to prof­itabil­i­ty in 2023, reach­ing USD5 bil­lion in prof­it. Present­ly, the mar­ket has grown to approx­i­mate­ly USD447 bil­lion, up from USD280 bil­lion in 2010, and is esti­mat­ed to reach USD1 tril­lion by 2030, accord­ing to a report by McK­in­sey and World Eco­nom­ic Forum.

So what of the eVTOL pres­ence at Farn­bor­ough in 2024? Apart from Ver­ti­cal Aero­space, Eve Air Mobil­i­ty, Super­nal, Lil­i­um and oth­ers who made a major impact at the July 2022 event, the expec­ta­tion is for oth­er eVTOL com­pa­nies to be in atten­dance, espe­cial­ly after the suc­cess of the Paris Air­show in June. There is even a pos­si­bil­i­ty that the U.S may have a strong pres­ence, par­tic­u­lar­ly Archer and, per­haps, even Joby. 

The 2024 event lasts over five days from July 22nd-26th. If a poten­tial exhibitor and you want a stand, you need to act quick­ly. Giv­en the inter­est and excite­ment, all remain­ing spaces could be booked up in weeks rather than months.

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(Top image: Farn­bor­ough Inter­na­tion­al Air­show)

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