UK-based com­pa­ny, EA Maven, is co-Found­ed by friends Dar­rell Swan­son and Jarek Zych, who have worked togeth­er since 2013. Their com­bined expe­ri­ence exem­pli­fies the entre­pre­neur­ial, inno­v­a­tive and dynam­ic ener­gy that resides in the excit­ing and nascent avi­a­tion-relat­ed indus­try of Advanced Air Mobil­i­ty (AAM).

Swan­son has over 20 years expe­ri­ence as an avi­a­tion con­sul­tant on air­port mas­ter­plan­ning projects through to air­port acqui­si­tion advi­so­ry ser­vices and now spe­cialis­es in elec­tric avi­a­tion and its poten­tial future. 

He is also an advi­sor to NASA’s Trans­for­ma­tive Ver­ti­cal Flight groups 2 & 3; the Advanced Air Mobil­i­ty pan­el at ADS; the Com­mu­ni­ty Air Mobil­i­ty Ini­tia­tive; and is a board mem­ber of the British Avi­a­tion Group, the largest trade body in the UK rep­re­sent­ing over 200-mem­ber com­pa­nies.

Mean­while, his busi­ness part­ner, Jarek Zych, has spent the last 16 years work­ing for and pro­vid­ing ser­vices to lead­ing avi­a­tion com­pa­nies includ­ing air­lines, air­ports, leas­ing com­pa­nies, avi­a­tion con­sult­ing firms and sup­pli­ers.

His spe­cial­i­ty is the mod­el­ling of advanced air mobil­i­ty, air ser­vice devel­op­ment and traf­fic fore­cast­ing for air­ports, and net­work, fleet and sched­ule planning/strategy for air­lines. Zych is also the Founder of AVEO Advi­so­ry where he acts as an Inde­pen­dent Advi­sor. The AAM sec­tor is very for­tu­nate to have attract­ed two such expe­ri­enced avi­a­tion peo­ple who are able to offer detailed and crit­i­cal infor­ma­tion to assist in its devel­op­ment.

Dar­rell Swan­son, Jarek Zych

Their ini­tial analy­sis began by look­ing at 368 UK cities and over 13,000 poten­tial routes. This was then indexed down to 264 cities with 994 poten­tial­ly viable routes.  The key find­ings include:-

: 994 poten­tial routes across 264 city pairs.

: 75 per­cent of trav­ellers present­ly use their cars – there­fore, great poten­tial to help decar­bonise sub-region­al trav­el.

: 33 per­cent busi­ness travellers/66 per­cent leisure trav­ellers.

: Tar­get mar­ket of 6.6 mil­lion trav­ellers per week or 316 mil­lion a year.

: 9,700 years of time saved col­lec­tive­ly by pas­sen­gers switch­ing to AAM.

: UKP2.2 bil­lion in direct eco­nom­ic stim­u­la­tion by trav­ellers sav­ing time on their jour­neys.

The over­rid­ing con­clu­sion. The future of air trav­el around the UK is bright.

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EA Maven use mobil­i­ty data to under­stand who is like­ly to switch to AAM ser­vices through a mar­ket assess­ment method­ol­o­gy known as Index­ing.  This is the first step in assess­ing the poten­tial for any giv­en mar­ket.  Mod­el­ling assess­ment work is next tak­en to dis­cov­er poten­tial demand. 

This com­bined analy­sis can help OEMs, oper­a­tors and infra­struc­ture investors to iden­ti­fy the num­ber of routes that are viable for AAM ser­vices.  Addi­tion­al­ly these method­olo­gies are equal­ly applic­a­ble to the com­muter and/or domes­tic air­line mar­kets as the mod­els and sched­ul­ing tools are indif­fer­ent to propul­sion types (hydro­car­bon v elec­tric).

The research car­ried out on the poten­tial future devel­op­ment of AAM in the UK is sec­ond to none and their find­ings can be found in their PDF files (see below), as EA Maven is hap­py to share an advanced screen­ing of its ‘UK City Air Mobil­i­ty Index’ pri­or to it being offi­cial­ly pub­lished, before then tak­ing it on a Con­fer­ence Tour this Autumn.

The video and PDF Files are well worth a view­ing. If you would like to receive a copy of the pre­sen­ta­tion, please email Mr Swan­son at or Mr Zych at .

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