Volatus partners with LEO Flight on infrastructure and charging support

Vola­tus Infra­struc­ture has signed a mem­o­ran­dum of under­stand­ing to work with Indi­ana-based LEO Flight to pro­vide man­u­fac­tur­ing sup­port for its wire­less VertiStop charg­ing tech­nol­o­gy, and to sup­ply its ver­ti­port infra­struc­ture.

“Vola­tus is hon­oured to ful­fil LEO’s eVTOL infra­struc­ture needs and to part­ner on its VertiStop charg­ing tech­nol­o­gy to help bring a com­plete charg­ing solu­tion to the indus­try,” said Grant Fisk, Vola­tus Infra­struc­ture co-founder.

LEO Flight co-founder Car­los Salaff added: “Our part­ner­ship with Vola­tus seam­less­ly blends the free­dom and speed of the LEO Coupe fly­ing car with the assur­ance of wide­spread, con­ve­nient charg­ing points.

“The LEO Flight VertiStop is a com­pact fast-charg­ing and land­ing plat­form that can be rapid­ly put into ser­vice on exist­ing rooftops and park­ing areas, to cre­ate instant infra­struc­ture for LEO Coupe trav­el.”

LEO Flight Cor­po­ra­tion claims to be the world’s first elec­tric jet fly­ing car com­pa­ny with its LEO Coupe eVTOL fly­ing car. Designed for per­son­al own­er­ship, it is an “ide­al large-scale trans­porta­tion solu­tion for dense­ly-pop­u­lat­ed areas.”

The antic­i­pat­ed LEO Coupe will fea­ture no exposed pro­pellers, 200 mph cruise speed and a 250 mile range, which “rep­re­sents a major step for­ward in the devel­op­ment of Jet­sons-era mobil­i­ty.”

In Feb­ru­ary, LEO Flight formed a ‘strate­gic alliance’ with aero­space man­u­fac­tur­er Eagle Tech­nolo­gies to devel­op fly­ing cars with no exposed pro­pellers. The LEO Coupe is said to be the world’s pre­mier ful­ly-elec­tric eVTOL fly­ing car designed for per­son­al own­er­ship.

Last month, Vola­tus Infra­struc­ture signed a mem­o­ran­dum of under­stand­ing with Aus­tralian-based Ace VTOL for both com­pa­nies to help expand oppor­tu­ni­ties in the rapid­ly grow­ing eVTOL mar­ket. As part of the agree­ment, Vola­tus is Ace VTOL’s pre­ferred infra­struc­ture provider.

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