TAKING PLACE TOMORROW! Join eVTOL Insights’ ‘real-time’ Clubhouse room for April, featuring industry leaders

eVTOL Insights’ next ‘vir­tu­al room’ on the social audio app Club­house is tomor­row! Start­ing at 4.45pm BST on Thurs­day, April 4th, read­ers can join for free and speak with some of the biggest thought lead­ers, influ­encers and inno­va­tors in Advanced Air Mobil­i­ty.

Pre­vi­ous record­ings have been full of fruit­ful dis­cus­sions about a whole host of top­ics, which has prompt­ed some great ques­tions and insights.

Tak­ing place until 5.30pm BST, the ‘real-time’ vir­tu­al room — typ­i­cal­ly held on the first Thurs­day of each month — is mod­er­at­ed by Exec­u­tive Edi­tor Jason Pritchard and sup­port­ed by con­tent writer Chris Stonor.

As well as look­ing back on some of the key sto­ries which hap­pened in March, it will also be an oppor­tu­ni­ty to those join­ing to share with the audi­ence more about the work they are doing in the indus­try, or even sug­gest some points of dis­cus­sion for the room to talk about. Every­one is wel­come!

Jason will also be pro­vid­ing an update on eVTOL Insights’ Mon­tre­al con­fer­ence, as the agen­da starts to fill up with indus­try thought lead­ers.

If you missed March’s Club­house room, you can lis­ten to the con­ver­sa­tion by click­ing here. New lis­ten­ers would need to sign up to Club­house first and join the ‘eVTOL Insights’ house. The app is free to down­load via Android or iOS.

To RSVP for April’s Club­house room, please click here.

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Jason Pritchard

Jason Pritchard is the Editor of eVTOL Insights. He holds a BA from Leicester's De Montfort University and has worked in Journalism and Public Relations for more than a decade. Outside of work, Jason enjoys playing and watching football and golf. He also has a keen interest in Ancient Egypt.

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