We are Collingwood, a highly dedicated and passionate recruitment consultancy who specialise in the global eVTOL and Aerospace markets. We work with eVTOL companies and candidates in UK, USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

We help companies to attract and hire the very best eVTOL talent and help candidates to advance their career and find their dream role.

Identifying and recruiting the best talent at the right time to execute your strategy and achieve business outcomes is the biggest challenge our clients face. We have been helping Aerospace companies to solve their business problems since 2005.

The problems that we solve for eVTOL companies:

  •        Difficulties in attracting and hiring the top five per cent of talent
  •        Difficulties in retaining the best performers within your business
  •        High recruitment costs
  •        Wasted time in the hiring process

We solve these problems with a unique digital recruitment process that uses skills, experience and behavioural assessment to help our customers attract the best talent, save time and reduce recruitment costs. Our amazing recruitment process has a 96 per cent retention rate on new hires in the first two years.

We are here to guide you to the best talent to execute your strategy, grow your organisation and achieve remarkable business outcomes. To start your journey to success, please contact Philip Butler, our eVTOL expert:

Phone: US +1 (415) 966-4287
UK +44 7912 997190
Email: philip.butler@collingwoodsearch.com

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