Robotic Skies and Continuum Applied Technology have entered into a partnership to combine Corridor’s aviation maintenance platform with Robotic Skies’ maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) network for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft.

The partnership will provide Robotic Skies with a customised software platform to manage its MRO operations while extending Corridor to provide enhanced support of aircraft maintenance activities to help enable the emerging unmanned aerospace market.

The partnership brings together Corridor’s 25-year experience with its aviation maintenance and regulatory requirements management platform and Robotic Skies’ UAS/AAM market expertise and global MRO network.

As next generation aircraft operations become increasingly regulated, UAS/AAM manufacturers and operators realise that access to global airspace is contingent upon implementing established aviation compliance practices, including formalised maintenance programs.

By leveraging the Corridor software portfolio, Robotic Skies can more efficiently manage maintenance activities and track aircraft compliance conducted by its global network of service providers.

Continuum Applied Technology executive vice president Mike Greig said: “Thousands of OEM-authorised service centres will be needed to serve the emerging commercial drone and advanced air mobility markets, and most will not be located at airports where aircraft are maintained today.

“Supported by Corridor mobile aviation maintenance, the Robotic Skies business model will enable its network of over 240 independent repair stations to better ensure the safety and continued airworthiness of the UAS/AAM aircraft they support.”

Robotic Skies CEO and founder Brad Hayden added: “Data management is a critical aspect of Next Generation aircraft operations, and manufacturers and operators can access powerful digital platforms to ensure they remain competitive.

“The Robotic Skies-Corridor partnership creates a one-stop, comprehensive solution that supports UAS/AAM operations requirements while maintaining regulatory compliance for aircraft maintenance execution and tracking.”

In May 2021, Robotic Skies and Avy Drones for Good, a Dutch drone manufacturer, agreed to develop a field support programme for Avy’s growing fleet of long-range autonomous lifesaving aircraft.

In August 2020, Skyports and Robotic Skies announced that they would develop maintenance facilities and programmes for the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry.